Autumn Moon Haiku Journal Publication


I have a lot to thank Bruce Ross for! His 2022 book 'Writing Haiku: A Beginner's Guide to Composing Japanese Poetry - Includes Tanka, Renga, Haiga, Senryu and Haibun' inspired me to start experimenting with Japanese short-form poetry and look where we are now... a poet published multiple times in numerous online and print publications, and even experimenting with new forms of this old art.

For him to enjoy my haiku (above) so much to publish it in his Autumn Moon Haiku Journal (Best of Volume 6), felt like coming full circle! Thank you so much, Bruce!

Check out my video haiga on this haiku below, with more on my YouTube Channel!

About the haiku:
I believe I was inspired to write this haiku while on a morning walk. There aren't cranes where I live but there are many herons, a similar bird in many ways. I find that I am most inspired to write haiku while out on my daily walks, pushing the stroller of my son, in the rare moments he's not fussing to get out of it (6-month-old boys are so restless!) I was quite proud of this haiku because of the way it comes full circle back to Japanese culture (the origin of haiku) in speaking of their cranes and referencing origami.