His Last Companion

Alone for so long, the last man alive is about to have one final visitor…

Isaac lived on after others passed. He survived humanity’s demise and is now prepared for the ultimate journey. He isn’t surprised to see Death approach, nor the prospect of what is to come from their meeting. The conversation that follows prepares them both for one final adventure into the unknown.

'His Last Companion' is a thought-provoking introspection of the human experience and the intimacy between the last man on earth and the one companion who has been by his side since birth, Death.

"I very inspiring short story that makes one think about their own life. I look forward to the next short story. Very talented writer." A++" Jon Lessor (Author of The Big Story) ★★★★★

"...This is an intriguing and thought-provoking listen. The narrator, I thought, brought it to life as well." Lucas W. Mayberry (Author of Not Your Average Chronicle series) ★★★★★

"... His Last Companion truly shines... come take a stroll with the reaper in His Last Companion!" Joshua Grant (#1 bestselling author of The Hollow Men series, The Ascendants series & The Lost Boy Chronicles) ★★★★★

"It’s a beautifully written story... I hope that Sophia Conway continues to write more short stories and compile them into an anthology. She has a unique writing voice that more people should experience." Daniel Kowalski (Author of Suicide Bridge) ★★★★★

"...beautifully written with lovely imagery and description... My soul embraced this enchanting novella. I'd highly recommend it!" Michelle Romano (Author of Finding Faith) ★★★★★

"His Last Companion is a compelling short story that touches on some of our toughest questions about life and death. Sophia Conway has crafted a deep tale in few words that will sit with the reader’s psyche long after finishing. In 'His Last Companion', the author delivers a message of hope amidst ultimate brokenness." The Book Review Directory