Sophia Conway is a West Coast poet and writer; originating from the town of Westport on the West Coast of Ireland and now residing on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada, with her husband and young son. 

Coming from a Welsh-speaking village with her German-speaking family to Ireland at the age of 8, her love of the written word began when she was forced to learn English by reading English language books in her National School's program for children with learning disabilities. As she grew in fluency, she fell in love with the stories she read and began writing her own on her father's old computer long into the night. Her passion for poetry came later at age 14 when she won a poetry contest at her Secondary School and went on to represent them at the All-Ireland Secondary School Poetry Slam. Though she didn't win, it was the first time that her work had been recognized, which encouraged her to continue writing. In the years that followed, several of her short plays were performed in the local church in Ireland, as well as one rap-poetry performance in Germany. At 19 she spent a year in film-making learning more about the art of script writing and storytelling, and she was chosen by her College Professors to write and direct a short film 'Second Chances' and a Frida Kahlo mini-documentary, which she did.

She abandoned her craft in early adulthood as life became busier. Over the past few years, some big life events caused her to take up a pen and paper again to help her process and express what she was feeling and experiencingSince returning to the art, her poetry has been published in various forms and her novella was been released on Amazon and Audible. She is a member of several haiku organizations and the Oceanside Community Art Council. Her haiku is being recorded in the Living Haiku Anthology and The Haiku Foundation's registry. The Poetry Project published her first micro-chapbook, 'Crumbs & Constellations: A Haiku Story' in Spring 2024, and her debut poetry book containing her first full collection of free-form poetry on her journey to motherhood and self-acceptance will be published by Alabaster Leaves Publishing in early 2025.

Sophia leads an interactive haiku workshop at Vancouver's Sakura Days Japan Fair where she enjoys sharing her joy of haiku with others, and her heart through her poetry spoken-word performances. She loves bringing all her interests together by combining poetry with storytelling and visual art through film, photography, sumi-e painting, and whatever else she can discover! 

Whether you encounter her poetry in print, performance, or visual art, she hopes it meets you with compassion and leaves you feeling a little bit less alone as you journey on.

Sophia's inspiration comes from nature, the human experience, her Christian faith, her search for belonging as an immigrant, and her motherhood.

Soli Deo Gloria