Enchanted Garden Poetry Journal


If you're a fan of the stunning visuals and musical poetry of the Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal, then you'll hopefully enjoy my own haiku which will be included in their 8th Issue along with a Romanian translation under the theme of 'childhood'.

faded constellation
fistfuls of tiny fingerprints on this
dirty window
constelație stinsă
grămezi de amprente mici pe acest
geam murdar
(in Romanian)

About the haiku:

My son loves to bang on the glass of our windows, often with his sticky little hands which leave everything to display to the neighborhood. As much as I hate the smeary mess he leaves behind, it did inspire this haiku which was perfect for their childhood theme! If you've been following my work for a while, you'll know that I use the word 'constellation' a lot because I do love it. That's the mom inside of me trying to see the beauty in our daily mess. Sadly, it doesn't help me clean anything up at the end of the day!