New Release!


I'm so excited to announce the publication of my novella, His Last Companion, as an ebook online. It's been a long time in the work, and I feel such a sense of pride and relief to have it finally complete! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this journey; editors, cover designers, proofreaders, and more!


Alone for so long, the last man alive is about to have one final visitor…

Isaac lived on after others passed. He survived humanity’s demise and is now prepared for the ultimate journey. He isn’t surprised to see Death approach, nor the prospect of what is to come from their meeting. The conversation that follows prepares them both for one final adventure into the unknown.

'His Last Companion' is a thought-provoking introspection of the human experience and the intimacy between the last man on earth and the one companion who has been by his side since birth, Death.


Audio book version coming soon to Audible. 

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Here's what others are saying about it;

"His Last Companion is a compelling short story that touches on some of our toughest questions about life and death. Sophia Conway has crafted a deep tale in few words that will sit with the reader’s psyche long after finishing. In 'His Last Companion', the author delivers a message of hope amidst ultimate brokenness." - The Book Review Directory