Daily Haiga Publication 3


Daily Haiga has released the latest of my photo haiga! I'm always excited to combine my passions of poetry and photography, and it's amazing to see others love the end result.

Check it out my Photo Haiga archive here

About the haiku & photograph:
My mother is a gardener and I took this picture one day several years ago while out taking pictures in her orchard garden. Micro photography is a huge interest of mine but I only have a small screw-on micro lens for my cheap Sony camera. Thankfully it works well most times and pictures like these are the end result! This raindrop was so perfectly placed and is one of my favorite photographs. The haiku was inspired by a rainy day when I watched the raindrops bounce off the little leaves of garden plants, reminding me of a street bustling with umbrellas. I think the haiku and photograph work well together, especially with the word 'falling' wrapping around and almost falling off the droplet!