Micro-Chapbook Publishing Announcement!


I'm ecstatic to announce the publication of my micro-chapbook by the Origami Poems Project. The project is a non-profit with a mission of bringing literature and arts to everyone through free publications. In their own words, their mission is "the encouragement of literature & the arts by bringing Free Poetry to everyone through the printing and distribution (worldwide) of free Origami micro-chapbooks as well as through poetry events, both of which engender increasing awareness of and appreciation for the art of poetry... and for the poet in all of us."

My micro chapbook, entitled 'Crumbs & Constellations: A Haiku Story' can be downloaded here

The inspiration for the mini-chapbook came when I realized that some of the haiku I was writing could be formatted into a short story. I discovered OPP a while ago and this short story format seemed a perfect fit for their project... thankfully they agreed!

I hope you enjoy this publication (as well as the many other excellent ones they have published over the years). Big thanks to Evie S. from Unsplash for her wonderful image which was used as the cover.