New Video Poem | 'The Victory Cry'


Check out the new video poem, 'The Victory Cry' below from my novella 'His Last Companion' (available on Amazon Kindle and Audible!). Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for more content!

The Victory Cry

Cold was the dawn and thick the mist,
as drums roused soldiers from their sleep.
A cry to arms, to motivate each war-torn soul;
“The time has come! For pride and peace, we fight today.”
Fore the battlefield they stood,
poised in the mist, the slaughter nearing.
Fearful hearts loud in the silence,
loved ones sent a hushed farewell.
At the command, the line surged forward,
a cry for blood upon each broken lip.
“For victory! For love and honor!
Let us die to make men free!”