New Video Poem | 'What the Raven Said'

 Check out the new video poem, 'What the Raven Said' below from my novella 'His Last Companion' (available on Amazon Kindle and Audible!). Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for more content!

What the Raven Said

‘I think I shall live forever’ 
said the raven to the world,
‘I feel infinite, matchless.
There’s a blue sky in my soul.
I am a restless ocean, a spring
bubbling up from earthly caverns.
I shall not close my eyes forever,
but build my nest among the stars,
out of reach, for all the world to see!
Eternal sleep will not catch me.
Let no shadow cross my path.
There is no end to me.
I am truly free.’
Death heard the raven’s boasts and,
for his pride,
plucked him from the sky,
for many had spoken so before
and many after him would do so again.