Sea to Sky Review Publication


The Sea to Sky Review journal has just dropped my poem and I am so excited to share it! Here's the link to their page and the poem below. Click here to see it on their website!

Drowning in Sky

It is silent in the house when
the fog seals it from
across the lake where it gathered 
its might and prepared to
ambush us at dawn. Only the
hum of the old refrigerator dares
break the stillness of being cut 
off from the world.

I switched off all the lights to
feel fully what this bright darkness is 
and how I can become one with it. The
stew on the stove boiled unlike the 
rippling stillness of the cloud around and
I wondered if they would ever find me again.

In moments, I hoped not but only to escape
into this new peace I had found in my 
cottage now hidden on top of the world for 
all to know and none to find save for those
who dare wade into this deep gray ocean.

I shall be happy here; unbothered by the world
and untempered by its storms. 

I will live quietly here
I shall live peacefully here

drowning in sky.

About this poem
I remember writing it while our little white cottage was being swallowed up by a cloud one early morning as the dawn rolled off the ocean. It was so eerie and peaceful I felt so inspired to write this poem. This is actually the first freestyle poem I've had published so I'm very grateful to the Sea to Sky Review team for giving this one a chance!

Keep your eye open for a video poem coming soon!