Eat The Storms Podcast


The first time I listened to Eat The Storms podcast online, the host's voice immediately triggered a whole bunch of childhood memories for me. It was Damien B Donnelly (producer and host of the poetry podcast), a voice I'd listened to lots on the school bus radio on the way to and from my little Irish national school growing up. Small world! (in Ireland anyway)

I admit to sometimes going wildly out of my way to support anything Irish, and so I knew I would work to join the podcast and become a Stormer! Two months ago it all came together beautifully after some email correspondence with the man himself, and you can look forward to hearing two of my favorite poems (one to be published with my poetry book next summer and one already published) on the Eat The Storms Podcast, Season 8 late this summer!

As much as I don't enjoy hearing the sound of my own voice, it was fun to record the segments. I'll be posting the poems and podcast recording once released. Until then, check them out here!